Mira Scott

You can’t help but smile when you see Mira’s whimsical, colorful works of art.

Mark S. Tierney

Carefully crafted photographs of light and its reflections from the varied Lowcountry landscape.

James Herrmann

James has created art since 1965. He spent much of his childhood drawing, painting and sculpting.

Steven Chapp

Steven Chapp is a practicing studio artist and his primary media are printmaking and drawing.

Terry Richard

Terry Richard has been a painter for 51 years, and is in major private and corporate collections across the country.

Mary C. Leto

Mary C. Leto is a conceptual artist specializing in hand made paper and book making.

Jeanne Bessette

I’m mostly interested in the essence of life rather than replicating what I’m seeing, which is why I paint in an abstract way

Robert Stark

Robert Stark has lived and painted in Union Dale PA for 40 years and has a studio on Hilton Head Island.

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