Terry Richard


Mr. Richard has been a painter for 51 years, and is in major private and corporate collections across the country. Mr. Richard feels that after all these years, he has finally found the truth in his art that he has been searching for all these years and hopes the response to his new works will be as exciting to his viewers as it has been for him.

Terry believes his realistic training and his advertising art made his abstracts possible. He explains that you must be a good draftsman in order to be a good abstract artist; “to see and/or to see differently” is important and he intends to work in both styles, never giving up either.

Color, space and texture determine the character of each of Terry’s works. His colors are very expressive and appeal to the emotions. A variety of tools; a stylus, wide brushes, impasto and a specially produced sculpting material; all are used on some of the abstracts to achieve his ideas.

All of his ways of expression are a condensation of sensations which constitute a finished painting. Abstract art could be defined as wholly dependent on the feelings of the artist who creates it. “It is true that non-objective art requires a bit more from the viewers and allows one “to see” what appeals to their eye and emotions.”

His art is as diversified as his life. He worked as an apprentice artist in an ad agency and a designer for the American Greeting Card Company. He was the art director of a major ad agency and spent time at Warner Brothers as an animator. He studied at Akron

University, the University of Maryland and the Applied Arts Academy in Akron, Ohio. He served in the US Air Force and undercover in narcotics and organized crime. He earned an MBA in Business and a degree in commercial art and design.

Terry Richard was a Hilton Head resident for over 30 years and now resides in Charleston, SC.


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